Curb ramps

Curb ramps made of rubber granulate

Curb stone ramps made of granulated rubber - this softi has something against corners and edges

The easy-care ramps are laid out at tripping and danger edges on access roads. Take care of the tires and rims, for example ...
... or avoid, for example, a barrier for the wheelchair, rollator or stroller.
The ramp is also ideal for use in the commercial sector, where hand trucks and pallet trucks are on the move.
No water stagnation! A drainage on the underside makes it possible for rainwater to run off / bypass the curb.

Can be laid out quickly and easily on firm ground. You can also glue the ramp on the private property.
Perfectly dimensioned: It is usually not necessary to shorten the ramps, but it is possible with a jigsaw (with a serrated blade).
Easy cleaning with a water hose possible. Rubber is largely maintenance-free. And of course frost-proof!
We love rubber! Therefore: Use our technical expertise free of charge on ALL questions about our offer!


You can see the curb ramps in our warehouse shop in Frechen (North Rhine-Westphalia). We have many colors available here on site. Please understand that you should make an appointment with us beforehand so that we can take time for you. You can also use our technical expertise in advance: We love and know rubber and answer your questions fairly and honestly about the right and perhaps not suitable product for you, installation, care and much more: tips and tricks from the specialist are included, of course.
Curb ramps SRP | 1-4,5 cm | 100 cm | black
Facilitates driving on the curb
Minimizes damage to tires and rims
Perfect assistance also for prams, wheelchairs
Is frost resistant, permanently elastic, easy to install
28,32 EUR
28,32 EUR per piece
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
1 to 10 (from a total of 10)