Rubber granules mats- impact sound insulating rubber mats

Rubber granule slabs for indoor and outdoor use!

Rubber granules are ideal for many applications, because rubber is a perfect material. Rubber is flexible and flexible, permanently elastic, stretchable, water-repellent and available in almost every format. Can be adjusted to all requirements such as low wear, resistance, UV resistance or longevity, and last but not least harmless to health.

Compared to tiles susceptible to breakage (eg ceramic tiles, concrete slabs) or weather-prone wooden floors (eg wooden floorboards, wooden tiles), rubber granules are an economical alternative, being not only weatherproof and frost-resistant, but also convincing as a durable and easy-care floor covering. Whether on the balcony, the terrace, in the garden, in the winter garden, as a pool surround, in the basement, on the stage, in the fitness area or in the garage - rubber granules are universally applicable.

They are permanently elastic and very comfortable - simply a very comfortable floor. They offer increased shock resistance, especially for active and raging children. Due to the material properties the rubber granules / rubber granulate mats are non-slip and also very comfortable to walk on barefoot. They are ideal for all weather conditions.

Due to the material structure rubber granules have an insulating effect. In case of solar radiation do not overheat, the plates / mats will adapt to the ambient temperature. Water permeability is guaranteed - the drainage at the bottom allows the water to flow down according to the slope (to be considered when laying). There are no sealed surfaces.

Easy laying without gluing. Straightforward and fast for "Do it yourself". No elaborate preparatory work on the ground necessary, which saves time and costs. Suitable for all straight floors (2% slope should be present). Rubber granules can be easily cleaned with standard household cleaners. Acids or chemical solvents should not be used. When using high-pressure cleaners (low jet pressure), the temperature limit is 100 degrees.

Depending on the application and personal taste, many colors and formats are available.

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