Elastic mounts and molded rubber parts for design

Rubber elements - Safe elements made of rubber granulate

Rubber elements are versatile construction and design elements for home, garden, game, sports and recreational areas, such as nursing homes, hospitals and facilities for the disabled. They are permanently elastic and ensure safety in many areas, without any risk of injury. Rubber elements are frost-resistant, weather-resistant and look great too. The installation or assembly is very easy and can be carried out by a craftsman on site (eg gardening and landscaping companies) or simply in-house.

The various rubber elements have different uses, for example, palisades are used to hedge slopes. With elastic block steps sandboxes can be edged and stairs made. Driveways, parking spaces or paths in the building's exterior, playgrounds, playing fields and raceways are securely edged with elastic edging. Rubber cubes are popular as seating and play elements and rubber balls are an absolute eye-catcher as a design element.

Special applications sometimes require special products, so elastic rubber elements have been used successfully in outdoor areas (eg playgrounds, home and garden, nursing homes, hospitals, etc.) for many years as they minimize the risk of injury. In addition, rubber elements are frost-resistant and weather-resistant - even with large temperature fluctuations. They are also slip-resistant (even when wet), insulating and sound-absorbing. Hardly any other product combines as many advantages as elastic rubber elements.

Safe construction and design elements made of rubber granulate are universally applicable! Palisades are very well suited to the optical demarcation of playing and sports areas with adjacent slopes. Hockey gangs serve as a safe enclosure for Streethocky fields, skate systems and also for hockey and skating rinks. Pathways (elastic curbs) are used in the design of driveways, parking spaces and paths in the building exterior and also as a flexible enclosure for playing fields and careers.

Elastic block steps can be used both as a sandbox enclosure and for the construction of staircases. Due to the non-slip surface, block steps made of rubber granules are ideal for use in nursing homes, hospitals and institutions for the disabled. Elastic angle covers are ideal for covering walls and wall projections which involve a potential for injury (eg sharp edges, etc.).

For the renovation of existing staircase systems and for the design of external stairs, elastic step supports and bump edges are very well suited. Curbs made of concrete or curbs in need of renovation can be safely and professionally covered with an elastic rubber cap. On public roads and car parks, the rubber cap protects tires and wheels, both from cars and bicycles.

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