Fall protection slabs to EN standard 1177

Fall protection slabs and fall protection mats according to EN standard 1177

For playgrounds, in particular playground equipment and playground surfces, there are safety requirements that are specified in standards. The EN standard 1176, which is applicable in Europe, regulates the requirements for playground equipment or its safety testing, inspection (regular inspection) and maintenance. The EN standard 1177 regulates the shock-absorbing properties of the surface (eg fall protection plates) under the playground equipment. These EN standards EN 1176 and EN 1177, which apply in Europe, set safety standards in public playgrounds, nursery schools, schools and similar facilities, as well as in private areas (eg public gardens, residential complexes, indoor playgrounds). The floor covering (fall protection) under a playground equipment must cushion a fall from a certain height (fall height) accordingly, so that injury risks can be minimized or excluded. The drop height is basically always dependent on the use of the playing surface or the established playground equipment (play tower, slide, swing, etc.) and the higher the drop height, the thicker the fall protection coating must be. The fall protection floor is designed according to current knowledge for the prevention of severe head-brain injury. The criterion for the fall damping is the so-called Head Injury Criterion (HIC).

Safe fall protection slabs from SRP have been tested and certified by TÜV Rheinland in accordance with EN 1176: 2017 and EN 1177: 2018. The fall protection slabs (fall protection mats) are available in various formats, different thicknesses and of course in many bright colors, whereby the colors gray, metallic, silver and blue are additionally provided with a surface seal for color and UV resistance. Due to the different fall heights from 1.00 to 3.00 meters SRP always offers the suitable fall protection covering for your area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication.

SRP fall protection mats have decisive advantages over alternative materials! Sand, gravel, wood chips and bark mulch are so-called bulk materials and, in contrast to fall protection plates, must be subjected to regular deep cleaning in order to protect children from dog and cat feces as well as discarded garbage. Moisture and weathering reduce the shock-absorbing effect of bulk solids or are lost. In fall protection plates, these typical features are not recorded, they are weather and rotting resistant and need only be cleaned from time to superficial.

Children like to play on fall protection slabs because they are soft and very comfortable to walk on - walking like on a forest floor! They are permeable to water and dry quickly after a rain. In addition, they are playable throughout the year, permanently elastic, frost-resistant, sound-absorbing and insulating. SRP fall protection panels are designed for high traffic areas. The high value of use guarantees guaranteed fun based on mature security.

Understandably, the cost factor for fall protection coverings certainly plays a major role. The fact is also the loose bulk material such as sand, gravel, wood chips or bark mulch is cheaper than fall protection plates. The lower cost of bulk materials are very quickly outweighed, if you include the relatively high care needs, or the filling of defects with. SRP fall protection panels are subject to minimal maintenance and are therefore very economical in the long run.

The installation of fall protection slabs is possible indoors and outdoors. Sheets up to a thickness of 30mm are to be laid exclusively on solid ground (concrete, screed, wood, metal, steel). Additionally, boards from 40mm can be laid optimally on porous substrates (gravel, grit, gravel). Depending on the format and system, fall protection plates are assembled by means of system plugs, cross connectors or form-fitting. The installation can be carried out on your own, by local craftsmen or by gardening and landscaping companies.

Good to know!
Fall Protection from SRP has been used successfully for over 25 years in play, sports, leisure, home and garden. SRP was the first and only company to have special fall protection certificates in 1997, such as non-toxicity according to EN 71 Part 3 (safety of toys), LMBG B.82.10-1 (Foodstuffs Modification Act, saliva fastness), EN 597 part 1 ( Flammability rating), ASTM F, etc.

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