Special click tiles for an exclusive floor

Click tiles - the perfect flooring with the click!

Click tiles make your floor individually and attractively, both indoors and outdoors. The laterally integrated click system ensures uncomplicated and time-saving assembly and disassembly. Simply lay the tiles on the old surface and connect them with one click, done! No removal of the old surface, no dirt, no disposal. Thanks to the innovative click tiles, floors can be easily redesigned or easily covered. Ideal for rental apartments and rental properties - click tiles can be easily taken with a move.

Special click tiles for an exclusive floor. Whether plastic in grid, leather, knobbed or Riffelblechoptik, noble wood surfaces of acacia, ash and robinia, WPC and textile click tiles, stylish natural stone surfaces of granite, quartz, travertine, marble and slate, or robust and weather-resistant tiles in Lawn optics, there is something for every taste. The laying is very simple and almost any level surface such as concrete, stone, wood, tiles, screed, etc. can be used without further preparation as the basis for click tiles.

The various materials (stone, wood, artificial turf, etc.) of the click tiles are applied to a plastic grid of recycled material, in which a side-mounted plug-in system (with pins and eyelets) is integrated. By corrosion-protected, galvanized screws, the connection is made with the click tiles. Depending on the type of click tiles, loads of 1 to 50 to / sqm are possible. The dimensional stability of the tiles is approx. -20 ° C to + 65 ° C and they are resistant to acids and bases, antistatic and slip-resistant according to DIN 51130: R 10. (Please refer to the individual specifications of the click tiles).

Click tiles are ideal for renovation around the house. Unsightly floors and concrete surfaces are simply covered with the click tiles clean, so shine balcony and terrace areas, cellars and hobby rooms and garages and workshops in a new light. They also provide for dry feet and clean shoe soles on wet surfaces of pools and paddling pools, outdoor areas, party areas and outdoor areas in the catering industry, and serve for the special design of presentation space in exhibition halls, on exhibition stands, markets and other special areas in the sale.

Elegant real wood click tiles create a natural ambience, WPC click tiles give an individual touch, textile click tiles combine the beauty and elegance of a textile with the quality of a synthetic material, real stone click tiles are presented in elegant design and high quality and synthetic turf click tiles are particularly suitable for the imitation of a green field.

Click tiles are barefoot friendly (comfortable to walk on), easy to clean with little effort, versatile, non-slip and sure-footed, stable and highly durable. Thanks to the high-quality material, external influences do not particularly affect them anyway. If dirty, the tiles can be easily removed with a garden hose or, depending on the type and material, with the steam jet up to max. 80 bar to be cleaned. The drainage on the underside of the tiles quickly removes the cleaning water, so the tiles can be walked on again within a very short time.

With click tiles you decide on an individually applicable floor covering which is available with different surfaces. For example, plastic click tiles are highly resilient, natural stone click tiles are extremely durable and almost indestructible, and wood click tiles come from responsibly managed forests and bear the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) trademark.

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